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Why I’ve Chosen To Be A Virtual Assistant

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Some people might find it a little strange why I've chosen to run business doing tasks that other people really dislike doing, so I thought I'd share a little of my reasoning and why this is so right for me.

To Help People I know it sounds cliché or overly saccharine but helping people has always been a driver for me and what better way than to do things that I find rewarding and natural and they find inconvenient and time-consuming.

Because I Love Organising

I adore being efficient. I like finding the most constructive ways of doing tasks and putting those into action. I like to take something that’s a mess and make it into something completely valuable and workable.

To Allow me to Work Virtually

I’ve always considered myself forward thinking and I’ve seen for a long time that so many businesses have been moving into a virtual world and I find this quite exciting. I think anything that encourages less commuting, less traffic and less paper wastage helps the planet and helps business as a whole become more sustainable which is incredibly important for me.

Because I Have an Array of Skills

I know how to do a lot of different things, which is generally something that happens when you’ve had a lot of administrative roles because people very often ask you to do things ad-hoc and because you like to help people and you are efficient and organised, you learn how! So if you’d like me to order stationery for you: I’m your woman, if you’d like me to find the best venue for your event: let me know, if you’d like me to sort out some personalised business gifts: then I’m here for you. If, alternatively you’re trying to find some inner calm, ask me about yoga and meditation!


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