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5 Ways Working with A Virtual Assistant Can Increase Your Productivity

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Let Me Ask You a Question: How much time do you spend on admin/social media/blogging/emails/organisational tasks?

I would guess that a lot of those jobs take up at least 50% of your time. Actually, that’s a conservative estimate if you run a reasonably small business and don’t have many (or any) members of staff.

Now let me ask you another question:

Why did you start your own business?

I’m would imagine the answer was not to spend all your time dealing with admin, posting on social media, blogging and researching the competition. Essentially, not getting bogged down in the day-to-day grind of running a business. It was no doubt to do what you have a passion for, to get some independence and make money along the way.

So, this is where a Virtual Assistant comes in. There are many ways a VA can help with your business but here are some things I can do for you that can mean you can increase your own output.

1. I Do the ‘Grind’ for You

So, here’s where a virtual assistant comes in. We specialise in taking those nitty-gritty, day-to-day bits of running a business off your hands. So you can actually get on with what you enjoy doing and what actually makes you the money! Not only that, having more time gives you the opportunity to work on other essentials. When was the last time you focussed on business planning, networking and even spending time with your family?

2. I Streamline Things for You

As a one off, or regularly.

Let me create a batch of blogs for you, organise an event, or perhaps I could clean up your emails, organise folders and filters and generally streamline it so you don’t spend a day going through unnecessary emails and are left with what really matters. I could also work on some email response templates for you if you would like some standard responses.

3. I Research for You

And this can cover a lot of ground, so here are a few examples of where we could save you time:

  • Where you can run an event/which caterers to use/ potential speakers etc.

  • Competitor’s pricing/appearance/goods comparisons.

  • How to make your business more sustainable (e.g. researching into more eco friendly packaging or manufacturers).

  • IT options for your business – booking systems/email systems/social media schedulers.

4. I Can Be Creative on Your Behalf

It’s not unusual for someone running their business to get a bit of creativity fatigue. It’s not surprising when you work long days, putting your all into your business – you’re going to feel pretty spent. So let me help.

I can:

  • Create Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest images/posts for you. Either monthly or as a one off if you just need a little break.

  • Write some blog posts for you – blogs are great ways to draw people to your website. These days you can’t just sell and expect a customer to buy – you have to build a relationship with them, provide value for them and blogs can help with that.

  • Create a flyer for you – want a simple hand out made and don’t want to spend money on a graphic designer? That’s okay, I can help you out with that.

  • Make an informational handout or infographic. These can be visually stimulating for customers and share information about your business/how it can help them.

5. I Can Upload Content/Products to Your Website

Editing and uploading content on your website can take silly amounts of time, even when it’s simple stuff. Is that really the most productive use of your time? No? Then let me help. I have experience using Wordpress, Wix and Shopify and I’m a pretty quick study of new technology. If there’s a funny bit of technology that I don’t currently know how to use, I’m happy to learn.

This list is far from exhaustive and is just here to give you an idea of what your Virtual Assistant can do so you don’t have to.

What if Your Virtual Assistant Can’t do Everything?

Then here’s an extra bonus: if your VA can’t do all the jobs you need doing, it’s likely they know a VA who can and can even subcontract for you, or at least provide a recommendation if you need a variety of skills on your team. Sounds good doesn’t it?

So let me give you a hand.

It’s okay that you don’t feel like you can handle every single bit of running your company. Not only are you allowed to delegate but it makes a great deal of sense to do so. You are not Wonder Woman/Superman and I warrant that you have way too much to do and a little bit of extra assistance can go a very long way!

I have a full range of services that I offer and most of what I offer is put together in handy little packages. That way you don’t have to worry about a Virtual Assistant charging by the hour and never knowing exactly what to budget for. I offer set amounts so you know exactly what you’ll need to allocate for my services. I

If you’d like an initial email discussion, please don’t hesitate to contact me at by email. If you’d like to speak face to face (virtually), we can arrange a Zoom chat and get to know each other a little better (I promise I’m not scary!).

Kind wishes,


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