World Peace

About ME

Hello, it's great to meet you!

I’m Jen and I set The UK VA up with the goal of supporting other businesses, so that they can focus on the business of doing what they love.

I have over 17 years of administrative experience under my belt, working in a variety of sectors, including the fitness and wellbeing industry, government departments, online retailers and family run businesses. I'm also a yoga teacher and holistic therapist, so I understand some of the stresses involved in running your own business and what it’s like to put all your time, effort and heart into something.  

I’m here because I enjoy the organisation, admin, web editing, social media posting and event management tasks that take up time and drive some people a little bonkers (I'm not judging!) and know that if I can do that for you, you can focus on the BIGGER PICTURE of running an amazing business!